Monday, October 29, 2012

Photo Editing

I was considering getting Photoshop, but luckily for me I came across a great, free editing program that you can download. It's called Gimp, and you can get it at

The only time I have ever used Photoshop was at D3 Artworks, and that wasn't very often, so I have no idea what that program fully offers. What I do know is that within an hour or so I learned quite a bit on the gimp program, and since I'm a "gimp" when it comes to computers that's pretty good!

I'm in the process of designing of a new banner, choosing colours and designs that more fit my personal style. The plain green background and grey font just isn't doing it for me, so goodbye boring banner, and hopefully hello new pretty one!

Here is a little sneak preview of what it could look like, but chances are I will continue to work on it and make it different.

Opinions anyone? Can you tell the background is supposed to look like zebra print on burlap, in a purple colour?
Is the font eligible? 

I'm not 100% happy with it, any suggestions are appreciated! 


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Holidays Shopping!

Winter holidays are coming up fast, and before you know it you'll be rushing around like a crazy person trying to finish up your shopping in time. But seriously, you don't have to do that! Not any more, thanks to awesome sites like Etsy! 

By doing your shopping online you will safe so much time and energy. No going out, pushing through busy malls and department stores just to pick up the same things as everyone else. Not when you can check out all the amazing one of a kind items on Etsy! From hand-made clothes and accessories, to unique vintage and antique furniture and housewares, Etsy has it all!

Little Shop of Treasures has been busy getting more items ready for posting. We have tons of craft books, and vintage housewares which are making their way to our store's page, ready for purchasing.

So save yourself the hassle, and check out Etsy!!


Adding Variety To My Shop?

I am very new to selling on Etsy, but it seems to me that most sellers stick to one thing that they sell whether that's vintage items or portrait drawings. I've rarely come across someone who sells say, photography and hand-made pillows. So would it be so wrong if I wanted to branch out from just selling vintage items?

I've always considered myself a creative person in a way. I love drawing, painting, sewing and photography as well as vintage shopping. Do you think it would be wrong to start selling photographs, portraits and hand-made home decor items?

I want my Etsy shop, Little Shop of Treasures, to be about making your home beautiful and comfortable, so pictures and hand-made items should fit that perfectly, right?

Well, good or bad, Little Shop of Treasures will be branching out! 

Better stay tuned, exciting things to be posted soon!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why Purchase a Shipping Scale

I've made the decision to purchase a shipping scale for my Etsy shop. As of right now I don't have any shipping costs listed and this worries me. I'm scared that it will scare potential customers away because they don't know how much shipping will cost them. I'm scared that if I do post the shipping cost I will either charge too much, or too little and neither is good. 

A shipping scale will benefit me because it will save me time and money. I won't have to wait in line at Canada Post just to find out how much shipping will cost, and I won't have to guestimate how much it will cost with the (great) possibility of being wrong. 

I've actually just ordered a shipping scale off of ebay for $15 that can weigh items up to 75 pounds. You can get scales from 3 pounds, to 400 pounds. Even a simple kitchen scale could work for selling small items like jewelry. Since I'm dealing with a lot of housewares and home decor my items will have a range of different weights so I believe the 75 pound scale will be best. 

More to come on this later!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Ravenhead White Fire Bowl Set, up for sale!

Already planning for the holidays? 

Well, this gorgeous vintage set of 7 bowls will be perfect for any holiday party! 

Up for sale as of tonight, in excellent condition and in the original box! 
Ravenhead White Fire 7 bowl set!

Get it here:



Monday, October 15, 2012

Little Shop of Treasures NOW OPEN

We are happy to finally have our shop up and running! 

Please check it out at:

Currently we have our -

Set of 4 Royal Doulton flat cups and saucers with the Indian Summer pattern.

Green chip and dip bowl.

Amber juice glasses.

King Kroker macrame project instructions.

Patons Carefree knitting pattern.

Within the next couple of days we will be posting new items, so come back soon!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Royal Doulton, Bathroom Set and Amber Bowls

Another few items that will be listed on our Etsy shop, Little Shop of Treasures:

 3 Piece Vintage Bathroom Set includes:
cup, toothbrush holder and soap dish.
Sticker on bottom says McGregor Bath Fashions,
Made in Japan.
Good Condition, however cup has small chip on the rim.

Vintage Royal Doulton Set of 4 Cups and Saucers,
with Indian Flower Pattern. Made in 1973-1978.
Excellent Condition.

Vintage Amber Chip and Dip Set,
Good condition.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Etsy Store Opening Soon!

I'm happy to say after weeks of getting some great vintage items together, Little Shop of Treasures will be opening on Etsy within the next week! We have a lot of really nice housewares and clothing patterns, but we will also be adding pictures, crafts and artwork within time. Our main goal is to offer beautiful, unique items for around the house and your wardrobe! Following are a few pictures of what will be for sale:
Vintage Anchor Hocking Green 3 Piece Chip and Dip Set.
Chip bowl diameter is 9.25", hieght is 3.8"
Dip bowl diamter is 5", height is 2.4"

Vintage Amber Glass Tea Cups in a set of 4.
Vintage Amber Glass Serving Bowl with Unique Flower Pattern.
Vintage Vereco Frankrike Juice Glasses in a set of 6 from the 1960s.
Vintage Copper Cups with Wooden Handles, was originally made in Germany to hold a clear glass insert for hot cider or hot totties.
 Vintage Dress Pattern from 1969.
 Vintage Children's Clothing Pattern from 1968.

Vintage Knitting Patterns from Men's and Women's Jackets and Sweaters from the 1970s.

Vintage Knitting Patterns from the 1960s.