Sunday, October 28, 2012

Adding Variety To My Shop?

I am very new to selling on Etsy, but it seems to me that most sellers stick to one thing that they sell whether that's vintage items or portrait drawings. I've rarely come across someone who sells say, photography and hand-made pillows. So would it be so wrong if I wanted to branch out from just selling vintage items?

I've always considered myself a creative person in a way. I love drawing, painting, sewing and photography as well as vintage shopping. Do you think it would be wrong to start selling photographs, portraits and hand-made home decor items?

I want my Etsy shop, Little Shop of Treasures, to be about making your home beautiful and comfortable, so pictures and hand-made items should fit that perfectly, right?

Well, good or bad, Little Shop of Treasures will be branching out! 

Better stay tuned, exciting things to be posted soon!



  1. You should add your photographs. Now would be a good time. Nothing like the present to get things done.

  2. I think I'm going to open a second shop early next year. After the Christmas season, because I want to get a good collection of pictures together and not rush it.