Monday, October 29, 2012

Photo Editing

I was considering getting Photoshop, but luckily for me I came across a great, free editing program that you can download. It's called Gimp, and you can get it at

The only time I have ever used Photoshop was at D3 Artworks, and that wasn't very often, so I have no idea what that program fully offers. What I do know is that within an hour or so I learned quite a bit on the gimp program, and since I'm a "gimp" when it comes to computers that's pretty good!

I'm in the process of designing of a new banner, choosing colours and designs that more fit my personal style. The plain green background and grey font just isn't doing it for me, so goodbye boring banner, and hopefully hello new pretty one!

Here is a little sneak preview of what it could look like, but chances are I will continue to work on it and make it different.

Opinions anyone? Can you tell the background is supposed to look like zebra print on burlap, in a purple colour?
Is the font eligible? 

I'm not 100% happy with it, any suggestions are appreciated! 


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