Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Items - Blue, Shabby Chic and Mid-Century

New Items Coming Soon!

Over the next few days we will be adding a few new items to our shop:

Vintage Pyrex Coffee Percolator
These coffee percolators seriously make the best tasting coffee! Made by the well known and trusted Pyrex company, you know you're getting an excellent quality item. And between you and me, I own like, three of these!

Vintage Blue Candy Dish
I love this candy dish! It's the most beautiful blue I have ever seen. And it's got this great little divider in the middle. Check out our post on re-purposing items to find out great ways you can use this little beauty!

Vintage Handcarved Wooden Box with Lid
 This is such a great little wooden box. Store candy, jewelry, nuts - whatever you like!

Vintage Libbey Glasses
This set of four Libbey glasses has really cute blue and silver flowers on it. Comes in their original box! 

Mid-Century Square Metal Wire Bowl
Great item for your shabby chic decor! This bowl has a great rustic look to it, but can be polished if you prefer a cleaner look. In the shape of a square, with metal wire - use it as a fruit bowl, keycatch or anything you want!
Be sure to check out our shop regularly for new items, including these ones! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Milk Glass

Hi, welcome to our Little Shop of Treasures blog. Today we are featuring a couple of milk glass items from our Etsy shop.

Three Vintage Bud Vases

Take a look at these vases. Aren't they gorgeous? Simple - refreshing.

We have three vintage milk glass bud vases by E.O. Brody Company. 

All three of these vases are similar in height (six inches), colour and shape. I think it's cool that they each start out with hexagon bases of 2 1/4 inches and transform into small round openings measuring 1 1/4 inches.

The bud vases do share similarities but there are also some variations. The embossed designs are all different and offer textural interest which is exactly what we want when all of them are the same colour.

Vintage Anchor Hocking Candy Dish

Our shop currently has this Anchor Hocking Milk Glass Candy Dish. 

This is a magnificent footed dish with a lid features an embossed grape vine motif on all eight sides. 

There are no chips, cracks or signs of wear. It measures 7.75" Tall and 5.5" in diameter.

When I held it in my hands, I could feel it's strength and durability. I could sense the fond memories associated with this dish over the past years and imagine all the new memories it would have in someone's home. When you buy vintage, you aren't just buying a lovely item, you are buying a part of our history.

On Display

Vintage Milk Glass is simple, elegant and refreshing. It looks wonderful as it is but also is adorable in a grouping adorned to suit the occasion or season.
The items featured today would be the perfect addition to your vintage or shabby chic decor.

Do you own any milk glass items? Where do find your best vintage deals?

Thanks for stopping by. If you interested in purchasing milk glass, stop by our Etsy Shop or check out this free printable calendar.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vintage Dinner Bells

Hi. Welcome to our Little Shop of Treasures Blog. Today we are featuring vintage dinner bells.

Dutch Girl Dinner Bell

What can I say? She is such a cutey measuring four inches tall.

She's a girly girl dressed in pink and white, carrying a tiny basket of flowers on each side which act as a clapper and makes a very pretty tinkling sound.

She is in great vintage condition with no chips or cracks and would love to part of your dinner bell collection or stand alone as a featured item on your table.

Royal Crystal Rock

To the left is a very traditional vintage 7" Royal Crystal Rock Dinner Bell. Made in Italy, it has a silver plated handle and makes a lovely sound. It would be perfect for a traditional table.

Vintage Brass Puffin 

To the right is a unique 4" tall vintage, brass bell. The puffin on the top is charming & the natural patina makes it perfect for shabby chic decor.

Vintage 1978 Christmas Dinner Bell:

Helen Steiner Rice (right)

Traditional Vintage Crystal Dinner Bell:

 The image of a rose blossom is etched into the glass.(left)

Thanks for stopping by Little Shop of Treasures. I hope you liked our vintage dinner bells. Have a wondrous day.Please take the time to check out our other vintage items on Etsy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vintage Green Glass Vases

Instant Vintage Collection

Hi Vintage Lovers, welcome to our Little Shop of Treasures Blog.

I want to share with you a collection that currently has nine admirers and is in one treasury list.

I absolutely love, love these vintage vases. 

I usually don't gravitate to items of green but when I held these beauties up to the sunlight and saw the sparkle shine through, I became a fan.

This set of vintage vases were produced by three different well known glass companies and one unknown.

Anchor Hocking

On opposite sides of the photo, are 2 dazzling vintage Anchor Hocking optic swirl vases. The spiral pattern is present on the outside portion of the glassware but inside is smooth. 3 1/4 " across the top, 6 1/2 " tall, 4" at the widest point

CLG Co. (Carr Lowrey Glass Company)

Placed directly in the center of this photograph is an adorable vintage bud vase produced by CLG Co. It stands nine inches tall with an opening at the top of one and a half inches.

E.O. Brody Co.

We have one E.O. Brody Co. vase here. It is six inches tall and three inches across the top. It is the shortest of the five vases but is also one of the sturdiest because the glass is thick.

Unknown Glass Producer

Standing the tallest of all five, we have a vintage vase by an unknown glassware company. The four inch opening at the top will accommodate a large bouquet of flowers.

On Display

I think this instant collection of vintage vases will look absolutely wonderful as a grouping on a large window sill where they can really shine. But because they are unique they can stand alone spread through out your home as a splash of colour.

If you admire this collection, stop by our Etsy Shop. Liking the green glassware; check out this free printable calendar.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

Geese with Tulips Shakers
Cole and I have just discovered the wonderful world of salt and pepper shakers. 

I had never really looked at all the different and delightful shapes these common every day items can take.

I have always owned regular looking shakers but now. WOW! Why stay with the mundane when I can dress up the table with something fun and whimsical to match my decor, mood or the season.

Take a look at these adorable little geese. I can see why someone would want to collect geese items. They are so cute.

Both feature orange and blue tulips - a reminder that winter doesn't last forever and spring is just around the corner.

They would even look great with a table setting featuring white or yellow.

And what about these colourful floral shakers? They are sure to brighten up the dullest of days.

They would be a welcome addition to a vintage kitchen.

Check out Nicole's Etsy Shop, Little Shop of Treasures to make these geese or flower salt and pepper shakers a part of your table setting or find something else to your liking. 

Thanks for stopping by!