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BMP Harvest Gold Lotus Bowl/Planter

This is nice example of a Blue Mountain Pottery Harvest Gold Lotus Bowl. 

Made in Canada by the BMP company from red clay and finished with the harvest gold drip glaze over brown. Harvest Gold was produced from 1968 to 1982.
It bears the BMP mark on the bottom. 
It would be a wonderful addition to your collection.

BMP History

Blue Mountain Pottery was founded in 1947 by Jozo Wieder  in a barn in Collingwood, Ontario. It grew from a small local company into a large factory that exported to many countries throughout the world.

Blue Mountain Pottery is known for its glazing process. A light glaze and a dark glaze were applied. During the firing process the glazes ran and created blended streak patterns so each one was a unique, one of a kind piece.
Blue Mountain Pottery made many items through out the years including vases, bowls, and jugs. They were sold to local people and tourists at a gift shop. Then in the 1950's the company moved to a larger facility to keep up with demands.
The company continued to expand into the 1960's. Mr. Weider sold BMP in 1968 to Robert Blair. The company enjoyed financial success in the 1980s and 1990s. Then sales fell and BMP was forced to close in 2004.

BMP Marks

Items made over this period can be identified by studying the diverse methods of marking the pottery using different ink stamps, mould marks, stickers, hangtags and glazes. Blue Mountain Pottery is best known in the traditional green glaze.

BMP Colours

However, as many as thirty to forty other glazes may have been employed at various times in the company's history including various hues of blue, red, mocha, slate, yellow/brown ("harvest gold"), white, black and many, many more.

BMP Key Contributors

Blue Mountain Pottery - founder Jozo Weider (1909-1971)

Dennis Tupy - First mold maker for Blue Mountain Pottery. 
Tom Hrcek - mold maker at Blue Mountain Pottery. 
Mike Jaroch - Sales Administration at Blue Mountain Pottery.

Blue Mountain Pottery can be associated with the 3 other pottery companies because all the founders originally started out at Blue Mountain Pottery:
Canadian Ceramic Craft (CCC) - founder Dennis Tupy (1929-  )
Huronia Pottery - founder Tom Hrcek
Pine Pottery - founder Mike Jaroch 

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