Saturday, December 22, 2012

Re-Purposing Vintage Housewares

Vintage housewares are strong, durable, beautiful and surprisingly multi-functional. Once washed the possibilities are endless! Not to mention, re-purposing old items helps the environment by keeping them out of the trash and giving them new life. And just to get your imagination flowing here are a few examples for you to consider.

Vintage green chip and dip bowls
from Little Shop of Treasures

Chip and Dip Bowl Sets:

*  Fruit and Yogurt Bowls
*  Mail and Key / Catch All for Front Hallway
*  Face Cloths and Q-Tips
*  Necklaces and Earrings
*  Plant Holders
*  Veggies and Dip

Vintage Pottery Ashtray
from Flea Market Floozie


*  Candy Dish
*  Jewelry
*  Salt Cellar
*  Peanuts
*  Place Used Toothpicks From Appetizers
*  Candle Holder
*  Soap Dish
*  Water Colour Bowl


Vintage Carafe
from Habit Schmabit


*  Vase
*  Juice Jug
*  Watering Can for House Plants
*  Fish Bowl

Vintage Cupcake Stand
from Zoestoys

Cake and Cupcake Stands:

*  To Hold Jjewelry
*  Desk Organizer
*  Hold Condiments on Table (ex. salt and pepper shakers, ketchup, vinegar, etc.)
*  Organize Make-Up and Nail Polish
*  Center Piece for the Table with Festive Decorations
*  Candles Tray
*  Organize Sewing Materials (ex. thread, needles, bobby pins, etc.)
*  Paint Palette

Vintage sewing drawer
from Solstice Home

Old Drawers and Crates:

*  End Tables
*  Storage Containers for the Linen Closet
*  Magazine Rack
*  Toy Bin
*  Hang on the Wall as a Shelf
*  Put Wheels on it for Under-the-Bed Storage
*  Shallow Drawers can be Used as a Serving Tray
*  Make it into an Ottoman!
*  Balcony Planters

1960's Record Organizer
from Madamexpresents

LP Record Stand:

*  Mail Sorter
*  File Sorter
*  Magazine Rack
*  Desk Organizer
*  Dish/Plate Storage
*  Children's Book Organizer

Vintage mason jars
from Catfish Jar Rescue

Mason Jars:

*  Pen and Pencil Holder
*  Utensil Holder
*  Food Canisters
*  Organize Kids Crafts (ex. pipe cleaners, stickers, googly eyes, etc.)
*  Plant Holder
*  Vase
*  Bathroom Organizers (ex. q-tips, cotton balls, toothpick/floss, etc.)
*  Candle Holder
*  Drinking Glass
*  Spice Jars
*  Child's "Piggy" Bank

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