Sunday, January 27, 2013

Milk Glass

Hi, welcome to our Little Shop of Treasures blog. Today we are featuring a couple of milk glass items from our Etsy shop.

Three Vintage Bud Vases

Take a look at these vases. Aren't they gorgeous? Simple - refreshing.

We have three vintage milk glass bud vases by E.O. Brody Company. 

All three of these vases are similar in height (six inches), colour and shape. I think it's cool that they each start out with hexagon bases of 2 1/4 inches and transform into small round openings measuring 1 1/4 inches.

The bud vases do share similarities but there are also some variations. The embossed designs are all different and offer textural interest which is exactly what we want when all of them are the same colour.

Vintage Anchor Hocking Candy Dish

Our shop currently has this Anchor Hocking Milk Glass Candy Dish. 

This is a magnificent footed dish with a lid features an embossed grape vine motif on all eight sides. 

There are no chips, cracks or signs of wear. It measures 7.75" Tall and 5.5" in diameter.

When I held it in my hands, I could feel it's strength and durability. I could sense the fond memories associated with this dish over the past years and imagine all the new memories it would have in someone's home. When you buy vintage, you aren't just buying a lovely item, you are buying a part of our history.

On Display

Vintage Milk Glass is simple, elegant and refreshing. It looks wonderful as it is but also is adorable in a grouping adorned to suit the occasion or season.
The items featured today would be the perfect addition to your vintage or shabby chic decor.

Do you own any milk glass items? Where do find your best vintage deals?

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