Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vintage Green Glass Vases

Instant Vintage Collection

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I want to share with you a collection that currently has nine admirers and is in one treasury list.

I absolutely love, love these vintage vases. 

I usually don't gravitate to items of green but when I held these beauties up to the sunlight and saw the sparkle shine through, I became a fan.

This set of vintage vases were produced by three different well known glass companies and one unknown.

Anchor Hocking

On opposite sides of the photo, are 2 dazzling vintage Anchor Hocking optic swirl vases. The spiral pattern is present on the outside portion of the glassware but inside is smooth. 3 1/4 " across the top, 6 1/2 " tall, 4" at the widest point

CLG Co. (Carr Lowrey Glass Company)

Placed directly in the center of this photograph is an adorable vintage bud vase produced by CLG Co. It stands nine inches tall with an opening at the top of one and a half inches.

E.O. Brody Co.

We have one E.O. Brody Co. vase here. It is six inches tall and three inches across the top. It is the shortest of the five vases but is also one of the sturdiest because the glass is thick.

Unknown Glass Producer

Standing the tallest of all five, we have a vintage vase by an unknown glassware company. The four inch opening at the top will accommodate a large bouquet of flowers.

On Display

I think this instant collection of vintage vases will look absolutely wonderful as a grouping on a large window sill where they can really shine. But because they are unique they can stand alone spread through out your home as a splash of colour.

If you admire this collection, stop by our Etsy Shop. Liking the green glassware; check out this free printable calendar.

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