Sunday, February 16, 2014

Look - Free Art for Your Walls

Well hello again. Want to see what we’ve been up to?

Honey Bunny and I had some time to spend so we decided to make something. We looked over our craft supplies and found some fun items to use.

What kid can resist stickers, glitter and markers? It doesn’t get any better than that!

Now what to make?

Craft Night Project With The Kids: Fun With Crafting Foam

I cut out a few red hearts from foam and glued them down in the center of the precut flower shapes.

I told Honey Bunny to keep that part clear so we could put a picture there when we were all done the decorating.

I don’t know what she heard because she got busy sticking down butterflies, a flower and a dragonfly right in the center of the heart.

l'm like, wait a sec Honey . . .  it looks really good!

Then she got out the glitter glue. A little here and a little there. It’s so pretty with all those sparkles.

See the concentration on her face. J

I tried to explain to Honey Bunny to put the glitter glue on last – just to make it easier – not to put her hand in the wet glue but she already had it down while I was busy decorating my flower.

Now out come the markers.

A little here and a little there. Beautiful.

ll done Grandma! And she’s off working on another one. She’s so creative.

That gave me enough time to finish my project. I found an old photo and attached it to my flower frame.

Not too shabby. Considering we didn't know what we were making when we started.

How about you. Do you always have a plan?


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  1. I love kids paintings, they are so free and beautiful. I could definitely see that second last one in your house! It's your favourite colour scheme! And I really like the last one, I'd hang that up in my bedroom!

  2. A couple of those are as nice as any I've seen hanging in an office or hotel. They're all sweet and I would love the bumble bee cat if my (pretend) granddaughter painted it :)

  3. What a fun activity to do together as a family! :) I think these are my favorite:


  4. I always loved to show off my kids' art works when they were young. Soon I will get to show off my granddaughter's works!

    Royalegacy's WW: Butterflies and Blooms

  5. What a fun activity to share with your granddaughters and what wonderful keepsakes you're creating. Thanks for sharing them with us at the Party On the Porch. Blessings, D
    P.S. Hope to see you again soon!

  6. LOL! This is great and such beautiful artwork! While yes, I do let her paint and at 11 she is really good about getting it out and cleaning it all up. However, when she was several years younger, maybe 4, she got a hold of some watercolors and painted our cream colored living room carpet! LOL! Crazy kid! Thank you so much for sharing on Meandering Mondays! Have a great week!

  7. These are absolutely gorgeous. I paint with my daughter several times a week. Art trumps mess in our house anyday!

  8. Love! Kids make the best artwork! Thank you for sharing on Whatever Wednesday on Thank You Honey! Hope to see you again next week!

  9. Haha, I think it is a good idea to let the kids to paint on the wall.. But in Singapore, space are limited make it impracticable. Thanks for sharing with 4 seasons blog hop.

  10. I love kids paintings, and great colors
    Thanks for linking up at "My Favorite Things- Linky Party"
    Have fun and don’t forget to join us each week!
    Be Creative Mommy