Sunday, June 29, 2014

Make the Perfect Cut Off Shorts in Minutes

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Cut Off Shorts
Honey Bunny loves to crawl around pretending to be a horse or dog and this tends to put holes in her pants right at the knee.

I know there are all kinds of cute ways to patch holes but we don’t need pants right now. We need shorts for all this wonderful summer weather we are having.

Making cut off shorts can be a little tricky. Have you seen failed attempts? I have. The back is shorter than the front or the two sides are not the same. Or maybe they are way too short because someone kept trying to make them even.

I’ve made all those mistakes then I figured out this sure fire way to make the perfect pair of cut off shorts that works every time.

Cut Off Shorts

What You’ll Need

  • Scissors 
  • Pants you want to make into cut offs. 
  • A pair of shorts approximately your size to use as a guideline.


Cut Off Shorts
  1. Start by placing your jeans on a flat surface. Make sure the jeans are completely flat without creases.
  2. Place your existing shorts on top of your jeans.
  3. Line up the inseams of a pant leg to the corresponding leg of the shorts.
  4. Cut all the way through both layers of the pant leg using the shorts as a guideline.
  5. Fold the pants together remembering to line up the inseams. Smooth them out flat with your hands. 
  6. Cut the second pant leg through both layers using the first pant leg as a guide.
Cut Off Shorts


Now that you snipped yourself a new pair of jean shorts, you have a couple of choices. You can leave them as is and allow the bottom of the jeans to fray or double fold them up.

    Cut Off Shorts
  1. This choice is easy. Just wash and wear your shorts and allow them to fray naturally.
  2. Creating a cuff is easy when they are lying flat. 
    •  Cut Off Shorts
    • Don’t try to do this while wearing. You’ll end up frustrated with uneven shorts.
    • So lay your shorts on a flat surface.
    • Fold up twice (about 1 ½”) Make sure each fold is the same length so you have a nice firm cuff that will stay in place.
Cut Off Shorts

Voila. The perfect pair of cut off shorts!

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