Monday, November 3, 2014


Are you on Tsu

Have you even ever heard of tsu (pronounced Sue)? 

I didn't until the other day when I was visiting someone's blog they mentioned it. I clicked on their shortcode and within minutes I created my account. 

So what is Tsu and why should you sign up?

Tsu is a social media platform but there is a difference. It pays you for your content! 

The more relevant a user’s content and the larger their network, the proportionally greater the monetization is.

You can only sign up for tsu through invite or by using a member’s shortcode. The beauty of it? You receive your own shortcode when you sign up and you can invite all your friends and family!

Your content is not hidden from your friends and followers as it is on Facebook. If you post content on Facebook about 5% of your friends see it. On tsu? ALL your friends see it! 

I spend a good portion of my time advertising my content, not only, on Facebook but Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest too. Who is Facebook to decide which of my friends see what I post? They’re my friends and followers. 

And why shouldn’t we get a portion of the millions (or is it billions?) of income they earn from OUR content? If it wasn’t for us adding our content to their platforms they would be just another website that no one visits. With a lot of unhappy investors!

Here’s another awesome tool from tsu…you can link your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and post on all your social media accounts at one time!

On tsu, as you grow your network of friends you earn cash. Not credits or points that you redeem for items but COLD HARD CASH!

So come on over to tsu, use my shortcode and sign up so you can start growing your network of friends and get paid for your content!

I love to read your opinions and comments. It makes my day a little bit brighter. 

My apologies, all anonymous comments are deleted due to an excessive amount of spam.

Wishing You a Wonderful Week.

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