Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Simple Paint Technique - With Amazing Results

Yes these are Christmas Tree Ornaments. But this post is more about a simple paint technique than the ornament. 

Actually they are kinda cute. And I was freaked out when I looked at the store label attached. I knew I bought them at a very discounted price after Christmas one year but holy cow I didn't realize how many Christmases ago that was.

I'm a little embarrassed to say. The price tag said. White Rose. 

Ummm. I have to think. That store closed down many many moons ago. I can't even say when that was. Hang on one sec while I look it up on the net.

1999? According to CBC new that's when a large number of White Rose stores first closed down. And you know what? That kinda makes sense.

Good thing these ornaments are small.

Freak me out.

Sorry I wandered. Back to the topic. I want to share this simple paint technique that is so amazingly easy and it magically transforms you project in seconds.

Dry Brushing

Check out the picture above. The two lower pictures are painted solid colours and they look cute as they are but once dry brushed white paint on top it really makes it pop. It enhances the textures and gives it a dimensional look that is otherwise lost.

Dry brushing on top also hides any imperfections in the paint job. Not that your projects have imperfections.

Look at the ornaments just above here. I painted the red and brown ones. My six year old granddaughter painted the other house. Hers are so much more colourful.

Honey Bunny didn't stay in the lines but that is okay. She did however have lots of blank spots with no paint. I helped her out and filled in the white parts with colour. But that's our little secret okay. I didn't tell her and she didn't notice. 

dry brushing

Like oh my gosh! I am amazed. Just look how fantastic her house turned out. 

By the way, she picked out the colour scheme all on her own - the red door, the yellow windows, her favorite blue. Even the brown on the top half of the house.  Hers are nicer than mine. Where does she get the talent.

She can colour coordinate the front of a house but she has to ask me if her shirt matches her skirt. LOL Kids!

dry brushing

Honey Bunny's ornaments turned out so well that I had to share 2 pictures of them.

dry brushing

I guess I should explain how I did it. 

  1. Use a flat brush like the one pictured.
  2. Load the brush with white paint, picking up just a small amount of paint on the tip. 
  3. Remove excess paint by stroking the brush on a piece of paper of dabbing it on a cloth. 
  4. Then I swipe it on the paper until the paint was fairly dry. You can see in the picture right up there where I prepped my paint brush.
  5. Then its simply a matter of gently pulling the brush in from the edges towards the center of the piece. In this case we are trying to highlight the raised areas only and the edges.
Dont worry if you are a little heavy handed and you have too much white, just reapply the original colours, let them dry then give it a go again. Thats the great thing about paint. You can always paint it over again and again.

I love to read your opinions and comments. It makes my day a little bit brighter. 

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Wishing You a Wonderful Week.

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  1. Simply lovely and definitely brightens up the ornament. Thanks for sharing with #smallvictoriessundaylinkup last week.