Sunday, March 29, 2015

Turn Washed Out Pics into Vibrant Photographs

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If you are like me, your pics don't always turn out as you imagined. But never fear photo editing programs can turn washed out pics into vibrant photographs. In particular we are using MS Word.

photography editing tips

Insert Photo

First you will need to insert a picture into a word document.

Click on the Insert Tab as shown on the Diagram 1.
A window pops up. Locate your picture on your computer. Select it by clicking on it once then press the insert button or double click the image.

photo editing tutorial

Formatting the Picture

Now comes the fun part.

Select your picture by clicking on it once.

A new tab will appear on the top of your screen. It will say, Picture Tools, Format. Click on that tab.

Look at Diagram 2. These are all your photo formatting tools. We’re concentrating on these three: Corrections, Color, and Artistic Effects.

photo editing tutorial

 Correction Tool

Each photo adjustment tool has set variations you can choose from. Look at Diagram 3.

You can tell which variation is being used on this particular photo because it is outlined in yellow. This one is set as the original image.

Sharpen and Soften.

Any deviation to the left of this section makes the image less in focus – a little blurrier. Moving to the right sharpens the photo image. This can help slightly if you photo is on the blurry side or you want to see more detail.

Brightness and Contrast. 

If your image is too dark or too light this is where you can make those changes.

Picture Correction Options. 

Each adjustment tool also has further options where you can fine tune the variations – in case the standard ones aren’t to your liking.  

Select the Picture Correction Options button as shown in Diagram 3. The Format Picture window pops up as shown in Diagram 4. Now you make very specific changes as required.

Color Tool

Each photo adjustment tool has set variations you can choose from: Color Saturation, Color Tone and Recolor as shown in Diagram 5.

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  1. Wow!! Cool. I didn't think about editing photos in Word. thanks so much for the tip.

    1. :Your welcome Trish. I'm glad you appreciate the tip.

  2. Great tutorial! The sun shines right into our home once in the morning and then again in the evening...we get alot of washed out photos. Thanks for showing me an option for fixing them!

    1. So nice to hear you'll be able to make great use of word to beautify your pics.

  3. Wow thanks so much for sharing these tips for photos. Thanks too for your sweet comment on my scarf I knitted. Have a wonderful week.
    Julie xo

  4. These are awesome tips! Thank you so much for sharing them at the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup!

    1. Thanks for making my day. Hope your's is wonderful too.

  5. Hi Darlene, I'm visiting from Happiness is Homemade Linky - these are great tips!
    Thanks so much!
    PS - If you haven't hopped on board the Great Blog Train yet - there's still time - we are traveling to British Columbia CANADA:

    1. Thanks for hosting a fantastic party each week. Wishing you the best.