Monday, October 26, 2015

Crocheted Slippers for the Whole Family - 10 Patterns to Choose From

Well hello there. Have you been thinking about Christmas yet? I have and I decided to make slippers for my daughters and grandchildren. That is a total of eight pairs. 

I've made slippers for my daughters before. Oh my gosh it's been about ten years. Anyway, they were pretty simple and all the same pattern but done in their favorite colors. Those slippers are long gone and it's time to make some new ones.

I already have an idea of what the slippers will look like. In fact I have completed one set already. Which I will share with you next week. But for now I am going to share crocheted slipper patterns for the whole family.

Free Crochet Patterns

These blue slippers are so adorable. They would look fantastic on my grandson's little feet.

I know these converse slippers were made for a boy but I have a granddaughter who would  love these in purple.

I have a grandchild on her way but she won't make it here before Christmas. 

In fact she is due sometime in April. I think I'll have a pair of these waiting for her arrival.

I can picture these Mary Jane slippers in pink and I know exactly which granddaughter would love them.

I have two more granddaughters left and I am positive they would love the ballerina slippers. In fact they are exactly the same age so these will be perfect.

Unfortunately I never had a son so these men slippers won't be of any use to me. Maybe you'll find these patterns handy.

I guess if I get ambitious and I have the time, I could extend my list which would include four men. We'll see. 

In the meantime I have three daughters to crochet slippers for. I think they would all like either one of last two crocheted patterns. 

I'll finish up the slippers for the grandkids then figure out what to make for my girls.

I do know that one will pink, one in green and one in purple - they're childhood favorite colors.

I hope you were able to find a crochet pattern you would like to give a try. Maybe a few for the loved ones in your family.


I love to read your opinions and comments. It makes my day. 

Bye for now. Wishing you the best, Darlene

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  1. Hi Darlene,
    I wish you luck crocheting the slippers for your family for Christmas.
    Thanks for sharing these ideas at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    Julie xo

    1. Thanks Julie I'm going to need it. I have so many projects on the go. I need to finish something.

  2. So many cute ideas! I love the baby ones, even though there are no babies at my house. They're just so darn cute!

  3. I love those little baby Mary Janes!

    1. I looked high and low for that Mary Jane pattern. I hope someone other than me checks out her blog.