Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fairy Merry Christmas - Day11

We got together to do a very special blog hop for Christmas - a Fairy Merry Christmas.  A blog hop is where you can go to a different blog every day and read a post from a new blogger on the central theme.  Each of the bloggers in our hop will share their take on a Fairy Merry Christmas! 

This is the tenth post in the series. Joanita @ Creative Crochet Workshop shares her Fairy Wine Cozy.
Join JKeri @ One Mama’s Daily Drama for the next post and come back each day until Dec 11th for all the great posts in the Fairy Merry Christmas series.  

Be sure to check the bottom of this post for a full list!

To see the previous posts just click on bloggers project below.

Fairy Merry Bloggers:
Nov 16: Millie @ 2 Crochet Hooks - Fairy Doors
Nov 17: Maria @ Sew Travel Inspired - Fairy Skirt
Nov 18: Joy @ xoxoGrandma - Fairy Cottage
Nov 24: Sarah @ Sarah Celebrates - Gnomes
Nov 25: Stella @ Purfylle - Fairy Squishing
Nov 26: (Thanksgiving Break)
Nov 30: T’onna @ USS Crafty - Fairy hat
Dec 2: Keri @ One Mama’s Daily Drama
Dec 3: Darlene @ Let it Shine
Dec 4: Donna @ Two Chicks and a Mom
Dec 7: YOU!!
Dec 8: Sarah @ Sarah Celebrates
Dec 9: Stella @ Purfylle
Dec 10: Pili @ Sweet Things
Dec 11: Millie @ 2 Crochet Hooks

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