Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Sparkle of Vintage Amber Glassware

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Today, I am featuring amber colored glassware. I absolutely love, love, love the colour. I can't help myself, I am drawn to it like bees to honey.  In fact I painted the walls in my home a very similar color.

The Sparkle of Vintage Amber Glassware
You know, there's something mystifying about vintage glassware. Just imagine, these items, which are made of glass, that have survived all these years. Sometimes glassware doesn't even last a week in my daughter's home so having items that are twenty or more years old is a miracle.

When you hold a piece of vintage glassware, you are holding a bit of our history and know just how solid and durable they are.

Vitrosax Italy Coffee Cups

I don't know why I get this feeling sweep over me when I hold a vintage item in my hands. 

As I picked up one of these smooth glass cups, I imagined holding it in both hands, blowing over my favorite steaming hot beverage. 

The color of course is uplifting and cheery. They would look wonderful displayed in a cabinet, the light adding sparkle to the glass. 

Franciscan Madeira Tiffin Goblets

Check out these unique goblets.

The manufacturer produced this pattern from approximately 1972 to 1978. 
scalloped glass base

They named the color cornsilk yellow. 

The solid molded scalloped base is absolutely gorgeous. Just feel the weight in that.

These are definitely a rare and awesome find.

Libbey Ripple Tumblers

amber ripple swirl drinking glass

Believe it not these tumblers enjoyed popularity in the 1950's to early 1960's. Hey, these are older than me!

The color is amber and it has an optical ripple swirl pattern that is wide at the top of the glass and narrower at the base. 

I picture these glasses filled with large ice cubes and condensation dripping down the sides. They are an excellent example of functional beauty. They also have Libbey's "Safe Edge" to help prevent chipping.To read more about Libbey Glassware visit this site.

Amber Goblets 

Moving along here I have a handsome set of 6 Vintage Amber Goblets / Stemware.

You can feel the weight in them. The glass is thick and heavy - very durable.

Once again, the color is amber but this time the glass has a striated texture on the outside and smooth inside.

They are so tactile and a pleasure to hold.

We have estimated this pattern to have been produced around 1960.

Duralex France Amber Glasses

Duralex France Amber Glasses
Lastly, we have this elegant glass set bearing the Duralex France mark on the base. 

Made in the 1970's, the sleek design is simply sublime and would make a perfect addition to any kitchen or bar.

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  2. Beautiful! - I love that coppery color!
    Thanks for linking this wonderful post up to my “Themed Blog & Shop Hop!”

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love this colour too. It's gorgeous.