Wednesday, February 6, 2013

3 Types of Vintage Bowls

Hi. Welcome to our Little Shop of Treasures Blog. Come this way so I can share a few new items in our shop.

Wooden Bowl

Lately, my daughter and I have been drawn to items made from wood. We appreciate the unique look and feel of these natural solid hardwood pieces. 

This bowl is both functional and decorative. I can appreciate the unique look and feel of this natural solid hardwood bowl.

This is why, today we are featuring this handsome, hand turned wooden bowl with is accompanied with a lid. It would make a perfect catch all because you simply place the lid on the bowl and you can hide your miscellaneous items from prying eyes.

There is a label attached to the bottom of the bowl that says, "Handcrafted by Rick Myatt, Leith, Ontario." Mr Myatt must have created this unique piece with pride and skill in his craft.

I am positive it will be a wonderful addition to your home whether it blends in with your decor or is a unique contrasting item.

Wire Bowl/Basket

Yes we are branching out to different materials like this tarnished vintage wire bowl / basket. 

I love it because it is timeworn with a natural patina. My daughter will say it is in rough shape but I think is has a rustic shabby chic appeal. I picture it on a side table overflowing with fruit or on the dinner table holding steaming hot dinner rolls. What can I say, I keep picturing food. I am feeling a little hungry right now.

Glass Bowls

Let's move along to this gorgeous vintage chip and dip bowl set.

It features a gold paisley pattern on a white background. It definitely has that shabby chic thing going for it.

I would use it for entertaining, special occasions or when you just feel like dressing it up. 

It has a wide variety of uses. For instance you can use it for it's original purpose or switch it up with salad and dressing.

Spoil yourself or gift it for a house warming or bridal shower. Either way it would be a welcome edition to a home.

Which one of these three bowls would fit in with your decor style?

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