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Knitting and Crocheting Patterns

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This week we are featuring knitting and crochet pattern books.
I personally love to knit and crotchet and I actually own some of these vintage books plus more. 

Now I know at first look the clothing in these pictures look a little dated but that is because of the colour choices and photography. Now let's look a little closer and see the possibilities.

Patons Beehive Carefree Knitting Pattern

Front Cover
This is a fantastic vintage knitting booklet from the 1960's with 24 pages of patterns for the entire family.

Cover Back

Each pattern includes complete instructions and a photograph.

Inside Booklet
The patterns are classic cardigans and pullovers for the whole family. Keep in mind that just because a specific pattern shows stripes, that doesn't mean you need to include them. Your creation can be a solid colour or use one of those cool looking yarns that are multi-coloured. Can you imagine your loved ones wearing these sweaters that you made for them in their favourite colour?

Included in this book are patterns for:
- ladies raglan cardigan                    - men's beeneck pullover
- men's moss pattern pullover           - ladies Aran jacket and helmet
- adult fair isle pullover                    - ladies paneled pullover
- ladies bubble pullover                    - ladies bubble dress with collar
- children's v-neck                           - children's round neck cardigan
- men's zippered cardigan

The book is in very good condition. The cover, pages and binding are intact. You get eleven patterns for $6.96 plus $1.29 (Canada) for shipping. 

Vintage 1960's Canadiana Raglans 

Beehive Knit Pattern Book Patons No. 100

Front Cover
Here we have another vintage booklet from the 1960's with knitting patterns for the entire family. It features multiple sweater projects on 23 pages.
Patterns Include:
- Pullovers with V Necks
- Pullovers with Round
- Gaytime Button-ups
  for kid's sizes 2, 4, 6
- Raglan Cardigans
 -Baltic for men's sizes
Big Ball Worsted Solid Yarn - True Grey
  38, 40, 42I can see my husband wearing the sweater on the front cover in navy blue or dark grey. I would probably make it a little longer in the body because he likes his sweaters to come down to hips.

Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet DK
The sweater on the cover is absolutely adorable. This would look so cute on my oldest daughter in blues and greens. I see a lot of projects in my future. LOL

This booklet is in good condition. It has clean, bright pages with no rips or tears. The binding is tight. There is residue leftover from a sticker on the front cover, and minor stains on the back cover.

Vintage 1970's Beehive Patons Jackets and Sweaters Colour series no.5

This awesome knitting instruction booklet from the 1970's has 15 pages of patterns! 

These are a few of the patterns included:
- Crocheted Battle Jacket
- Zippered Cardigans
  with Motifs
- Knitted Bomber Jackets
  Pullover with Fair Isle
  YokeThe book is in good condition. The cover, pages and binding are intact. Minor stains on the bottom of some of the pages as shown in the 3rd picture,

My youngest daughter would love the sweater on the top right in a vibrant pink. The brighter the better. 

This booklet could be yours for $4.99 plus $1.29 shipping. 

Vintage Bonnie Knits by Lady Knitting Booklet

Front Cover
Here we have a knitting booklet from 1968 called Bonnie Knits. There are tons of patterns for children's sweaters, socks, hats and shirts.

A few of the Patterns are:
- Sugar N'Spice          - Fanciful
- Playtime                 - Expedition
- Miss Muffet             - Candy Stripe
- Playmate                - Trail Blazers
- Mystic                    - Racer
- Mary, Mary              - Carnival
- Tiffany
Back Cover

The booklet is in okay condition. It appears to have had something spilled on it at some point which mostly effects the cover and back pages. All the pages are are accounted for and are legible with no rips or tears.

I have three granddaughters who would fit the sizes in this booklet. 
Inside Booklet

If I make one sweater, I will have to make three all with the same pattern or there will be fighting. I usually give them the exact same color and size but I think I could mix it up now a little by giving them each a sweater in their favorite colours.

We hope you are just as delighted with these beautiful patterns as we are. They are too amazing to be discontinued. These are the original books, not reproductions. 

Classic designs are always in fashion.

Do you prefer to crochet or knit? Personally I would rather crochet.

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