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Save Money on Cleaning Products But Still Get a Squeaky Clean Home

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Whether you are on a tight budget or just want to save money, I have a tip for you. You can save money on cleaning products but still get your home squeaky clean.

microfibre cloths

As we all know restocking our home with cleaning products can get very costly. You could easily spend a large chunk of your grocery budget and not have much left over for food.

I know there are all kinds of information out there explaining how to make your own cleaning products and save money. What I`m saying is skip the whole notion that you need to purchase or make any cleaning products but still get your home squeaky clean.

Before you start thinking I am completely crazy I have to admit I do buy dish soap and laundry detergent.

That being said, I believe that hot water can usually do the trick when cleaning just about anything. The hot water disinfects by scalding those little bugs and loosens dirt and grime. 

I add dish soap to the hot water to remove grease and oil and help wash away germs. 

For those of you who want to read a few facts about soap efficiency check out this article at the Atlantic. Maybe you would like to understand the science behind soap and detergents check out this article - How Does Soap Work.

With that in mind, you can't just throw some hot water around and think your house is clean. The techniques and tools are a vital part of the whole process.

The tool of choice. One word. Microfibre.
microfibre cloths
I know. Microfibre is not a secret. But did you realize that you don't have to use cleaning chemicals with these cloths but still get your home clean?

Let me explain. For five years I was the Human Resource Manager for a cleaning company. In that time I wrote the Human Resource Manual and the Health and Safety Manual which detailed among other things, training employees how to clean and how to do it in a safe manner.

Microfibre has really changed the cleaning industry. To clean like the pros then need to use the tools of a pro.

Microfibre cloths are so worth the investment because they are ultra soft, non-abrasive cloths that will not scratch the surfaces you are cleaning. They clean with or without chemical cleaners and has lint and streak free results.

I have three different colored cloths. One for the kitchen, one for the washroom and one multi-purpose.

I also have a microfibre mop and two mop heads.

Now the trick to getting the surface clean and not just swish the dirt around is to thoroughly rinse the cloth and mop heads in hot water and to do it often. Don't rinse it in a bucket of water because that defeats the purpose of rinsing.

Or if you don't like the idea of repeatedly rinsing you have several cloths so once one is dirty grab a clean one. Just fill up a bucket with hot water and put as many cloths in as you think you will need. Once a cloth is dirty toss it into a pile to be laundered and get a clean cloth. 

When cleaning glass, mirrors or any other shiny surfaces I wipe it with a wet cloth and follow up with a dry microfibre cloth specifically designed for glass. I get squeaky clean, lint and streak free windows and mirrors every time. It's better than any window cleaner I've ever tried.

Damp microfibre cloths are also great for dusting. You capture the dust instead of fluffing it around in the air - in your lungs.

Once you have finished cleaning simply toss your cloths and mop heads in the washer following manufacturers instructions.


If you compare the costs of the microfibre items with the cost of standard cleaning products its not hard to see which system will save you the most amount of money but still get your home squeaky clean.

Would you ever consider leaving the cleaning products at the store?

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  1. Great tips, Darlene. I use cleaning cloths and microfiber cloths to clean my home, too.

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  5. I was amazed at how well microfiber cloths worked. Some better than others, but in general they're great! Thanks for the tips and for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg