Sunday, July 17, 2016

Your Microfiber Cloths Care Guide

Microfiber cloths are wonderful tools for green cleaning and they can last up to 500 washes if cared for properly. 

Here are a few simple things to remember.


Microfiber Cloths
  • Wash your microfiber clothes separate from the rest of your laundry. You want to avoid your microfiber cloths from picking up lint or fibers from other items like sweaters or towels.  You can place your cloths in a delicates laundry bag to protect them from getting covered with lint.

  • Wash in cold water.  It will not harm the microfibers.

    Dryer Dial on Low Heat
  • Add laundry detergent to the laundry. Follow instructions on detergent bottle for the size of load - ideally liquid soap.

  • Tumble dry on low or no heat. Too much heat can melt the micro fibers eliminating it's effectiveness.

Do not:

  • Do not use your microfiber cloths to clean up grease, oil, or to polish because it cannot be removed from the cloth and it will leave behind grease stains and flattened patches.  

  • Do not wash your microfiber cloths in hot water. Heat ruins the fibers, and repeated exposure to heat will render the cloth useless.

No Fabric Softener
  • Do not wash your microfiber cloths with fabric softener or use dryer sheets. The fabric softener will clog the fibers and bind them together.  Clogged fibers are not as absorbent and cannot trap dust. 

No Bleach on Microfiber Cloths

  • Do not wash your microfiber cloths with bleach because it will wear them out faster and destroy their effectiveness.


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